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San Juan Jun 26 Launch

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Looking for another boat for trip down San Juan, June 26 launch, from San Island to Clay Hills, so 30 days out from now. Want 18+ boaters pls and some that can help w community gear. Needs to be a raft, can be 2 ppl.
It's a beautiful trip mostly class I and II, w only one class III. Waves definitely lot of fun. Possibly of side hikes in spots. Plenty of rock art and archeological attractions in first 35 miles, including river house an Anasazi ruin. It's a beautiful canyon.
Have done the SJ total of 9 nines; have one more boater besides me. Am in the Denver area, can meet in person. HMU.
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I might be interested. How long is the trip?
I might be interested. How long is the trip?
Its 84 river miles. The 1st section 35 mi has lot of archaeological features, some good stops can be done in 2 nights easy. There's a settled stop stop along way at Mexican hat. Second section truly scenic.
Whole trip Takes like 6 nights easy.
Did you score a slickhorn camp?
Yes Slickhorn D which is nice, same side of river as the canyon. Where are you located?
I am In the Durango area.
Are you able and willing to be responsible for some of the major community gear and tasks, such as groover, fire pan, boar repair kit and z drag , etc?
We can decide on how to divvy up, but need responsible boaters.
I know it's a str8 shot to Bluff from Durango, but if you're on hook for stuff, there's no way for me to pre check you from Denver area so has to be for responsible so not any one person does all heavy lifting.
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