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Salt Predictions this Week

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Anyone familiar with the Salt willing to give their predictions what will happen in the next few days? I know river flow forecasting is a rough guess at best. Forecasts were showing it dropping today and tomorrow to around 3500 now the opposite of 8,000-10,000. Supposed to launch tomorrow. Thoughts?
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Definitely want some updates from your trip🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️
What you want a picture of my fully rigged truck parked in my driveway in Colorado pointed south and not moving.
I’m hoping I’m not doing the same thing for my March 30 trip
I might have a couple spots on a March 30 trip. I have 10 spots reserved on reservation, only 6 totally confirmed right now. I’ll probably keep the reservation at 10(max) just in case someone can add at last minute. Between our crew, we’ve done 900cfs up to 12,000cfs. Our cut off will be determined if flow is going up or down. Much like Quiggle explained. Hoping for nice fun 6-8,000cfs😆😂🚣‍♀️
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I use Roosevelt for high water season and Christole for low water season. For reasons Quiggle explains.
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Currently 15,000cfs and rising at Christloe. 23,000cfs at Roosevelt.
8,000 is a lot of Chicken Fried Steaks coming in on the tribs.
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