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Salt Predictions this Week

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Anyone familiar with the Salt willing to give their predictions what will happen in the next few days? I know river flow forecasting is a rough guess at best. Forecasts were showing it dropping today and tomorrow to around 3500 now the opposite of 8,000-10,000. Supposed to launch tomorrow. Thoughts?
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What you want a picture of my fully rigged truck parked in my driveway in Colorado pointed south and not moving.
Just launch and find the first camp after the day section and layover till it comes down. I’ve launched at 9k (14k at take out) made it to camp right above ledges and layed over for a day till it dropped to around 6k.It’s honestly pretty straight forward for the first day at high flows, yeah big holes but just raft heads up and run tight. Totally worth it. Also I have had my truck loaded up 3 time and do to some kind of bullshit (roads,snow,low flows) never left the drive way. I would never question launching at high flows if I was with a good group. I’ve been told 15 at take out is when you should be concerned. Use that gauge not the put in gauge to decide if your making a bad decision.
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Quiggle your plan is sound and if you have a super flexible crew it would be great.
Cancelled a 3/15/ 23 permit minutes ago nobody reached out to transfer it to them and I know it’s to late.
Honestly with the salt flows this year I wish we hadn’t grabbed a San Juan for the 22nd but it’s less driving and more river miles.
Also I have to save some pto if the river who’s name I shall not say happens to spill this year
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We scouted black rocks, the maze was pretty impressive to me. Scouted quartzite from the left flank way above the rapid, pretty straight forward at around 6K, ran left. Corkscrew was the biggest hit for me in a 13 ft boat.
Ledge, quartzite, black rocks around 7k at take out. Sorry I don’t have more pictures


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Some one just posted a video of the mountain lion attack on facebook, well really it’s tick tok, I can’t share it. Video title is dean and the mountain lion
Is it in a group?
Yes the group is called summit county river rats and pirates
The forecast was for 16,000 it only made it to 13700 at 4:30 pm on the 16th at the gauge. Down to 8,900 on Friday at 1:00.
Don’t let the facts ruin their story.
Glad they had good recoveries but had they really been on 16,000 the outcome might have been different.
I’m not trying to diminish the accomplishments of any groups that commit to running it this high and succeed. Just trying to put out accurate info so this week someone doesn’t think true 16,000 is real doable.
you should be using the gauge at Roosevelt if you want to nickel and dime the flow claim. Lots of side tributary’s have come in by the time you get to quartzite.
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2019 was a great time down there. Wishing I could make it down there this year.
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