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Salt Predictions this Week

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Anyone familiar with the Salt willing to give their predictions what will happen in the next few days? I know river flow forecasting is a rough guess at best. Forecasts were showing it dropping today and tomorrow to around 3500 now the opposite of 8,000-10,000. Supposed to launch tomorrow. Thoughts?
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Buddy of mine ran the Salt on a Mon 3/13 launch. They ran Quartzite and Corkscrew on Fri 3/17 at 16k. Flipped one boat above Quartzite and one in it, but recovered both before Corkscrew.
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Thanks @Big Wave. I've only ever done the Salt once--at 1,600-2,200. Didn't realize there's a big difference in the teens, assumed it was uniformly HUGE.
16k was the prediction, I should have looked up at @tBatt's post with actuals.

I guess I can relate that Slide on the Lower Salmon also goes from spicy to scary in a similar range.
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