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Salmon cancellation permits

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Hey everyone Iam going riding tomorrow early and won’t be able to score a permit. Will one of you please get me a main in July and a middle in late July early august. Thanks so much. If we have room you can come on one of them. Thanks bunches your friend and citizen Charlie
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I realize that we are all fighting for the same permits, and therefor most are not going to be willing to share any hints on getting lucky (not that kind of lucky), but I just want to make sure I am looking at the correct page to try and snag a cancellation. Like most, I was ready right at 8 am and tried every river possible and never even saw a date pop up available. Can someone please at least let me know if I am looking in the correct spot? Here is one of the pages I was looking at and scrolling through the calendar on the right. Salmon River (4 Rivers), Salmon-Challis National Forest -

I was opening and closing screens for the rivers I wanted and I don't know if I am even looking on the right website. Any help would be appreciated!
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That’s the right page for the main. It’s a crap shoot, so don’t feel bad. People have scripts written to figure this stuff out and snag permits.
Thanks! I just didn't want to be wasting my time looking at the wrong website.
It’s 8:00 am pacific time.
Well, at least I saw them on the calendar for Hell's this time. I rapidly clicked on every date available in July and August and every single one of them said it wasn't available. Mind boggling that they could all disappear that fast. There were a ton available right when it hit. So frustrating.
I know they do randomly release them throughout the season, but is it always at 8 AM? Just curious if it is worth checking every morning?
I think it’s random so you have to check 9000 times a day and feel weird about yourself. If you get one you owe me a spot for telling you.
Ha! Sounds good, I'll keep you in mind! Thanks for the info!
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