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Salmon cancellation permits

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Hey everyone Iam going riding tomorrow early and won’t be able to score a permit. Will one of you please get me a main in July and a middle in late July early august. Thanks so much. If we have room you can come on one of them. Thanks bunches your friend and citizen Charlie
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This year was the first year my wife joined me in the click fest. At 7am PST she saw all the “available” Main Salmon permits and excitedly clicked on her date……only to be met with the “error no dates available”. “Why does anybody do this!!” So much anxiety.

At 8am PST however, she snagged a July 19 Hells Canyon. Now she knows the sting of defeat and the thrill of winning. She’s so stoked. I hope she brings me along!
I also saw available dates prior to 8am, and they gave the error saying have to wait until lottery. But what is weird is it showed them on my laptop, but not my phone.

either way, when the time hit, it either showed no longer available or too many people trying to book that date. And then nothing.

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