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Salida to Rincon

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I've run Salida to Rincon once, last year at about 800cfs. Can anyone advise how much tougher it is at these levels (14 foot oar boat)? We are heading up for a day run today, but figured I'd see if there is any good last minute advice out there?
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Only one real rapid, bear creek right after Salida east. If you want you can scout ahead of time there is a trail from the highway. If not start middle left and then go left definitely be left of rocks.

Don't miss Rincon it can be easy to miss if you aren't watching and on River Right and ready.
Hey Salidaboater,
Just wanted to say thanks for your reply! Fornthe most part, the trip went without a hitch. Even with your tip, I more or less missed the takeout at rim on (too wide left & couldn't get over). But much appreciated at any rate. I'll get it next time!

Also a quick note of thanks to everyone at the take out last Sunday around 5pm! Two guys that were rigging up to put in & fish, ran out into the water to help me drag my boat over so that I didn't miss the takeout, and then a family that was taking out at the same time even used their trailer to help us pull the boat all the way up to our truck, instead of carrying it to the truck. Nice people all around & thanks if any of you happen to be on here.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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