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Salida East to Coaldale?

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Hi All,
Thinkging of running Salida East to Coaldale on the Ark. this weekend (14ft. bucket boat, oar frame). I've run Salida east to Rincon twice, once at 800cfs & once a few weeks ago at 2200.

Does anyone happen to know if there are any details I should absolutely know before we put in? I've never gone below Rincon. Anythign speical about the takeout there (looks like an RV park)? Can anyone confirm how many river miles that is as well?

The book I have seems straightforward, but could be dated, etc... so I thought I'd get the scoop from the pros. Any insight would be much appreciated.
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Its 18.5 miles. Biggest rapid is Tincup, take it on the left. Bighorn Campground has excellent access. I believe they charge $5 a vehicle. Fishing should be great. Have fun.
The Bighorn Campground owners Doug and Judy are great. Give them a call to set up the takeout date. 719-942-4266. If you dont want the private takeout, which is sweet, Vallie bridge is two miles above them but you miss boulder garden rapid. If you want an extra couple rapids, Canyon trading post is 3 miles below them and you get cottonwood and little cottonwood rapids.
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