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We are still looking for safety/support paddlers (kayak/canoe/ducky/etc) for
the Wingshadow Horsetooth Swim. I am especially looking for paddlers
to help with the 10K race.

The Race is on Sunday, August 14th.

For volunteering (for the 10K) you will get a t-shirt, lunch on Sunday, and dinner Saturday (spaghetti, plus it's a required meeting for all 10k paddlers/swimmers). For the 2.4
mile swim you'd get a t-shirt and lunch the day of the race.

If you are intersted please contact me. I am still looking for ~15 paddlers to
support the 10K race. Each paddler is paired with a swimmer and will follow/guide
the swimmer the length of Horsetooth.

John Tillema
970 495 0405 (replace -at-)
or reply via the email link.

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The only experience I want paddlers to have is:
a) how to paddle
b) know how to use the boat they are in be it a
ducky, white water kayak, canoe, sea kayak, etc.
c) be comfortable on flat water.
d) if using a white water kayak, be able to roll

If you can canoe/kayak/paddle in a river, you are most likely
qualified. d is a requirement for the 10K swim, I can waffle a
litlte on that for the 2.4mile swim.

And prefereably the following:
a) own/borrow/rent a boat
b) have a PFD for all people in the boat
c) have a flotation device for a swimmer (PFD, seat cushion, etc)
d) whistle
e) for the 10K have some way to attach/carry supplies for the swimmer
(water bottle(s)/food).

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