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Ruby Horsethief Fire Suspect

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Grand Junction newspaper has good article here
Breckenridge man accused of igniting fire on Dog Island |
Our local paper did not name the suspect, or the company he works for. They advertise quite a bit....
Trip leader may have been Chris Knudsen, also works at Grand Vacations in Breck. Grand Vacations has been an excellent neighbor up here, generously supporting many community causes. $100K in fire fighting costs alone, and this loser probably can't pay. I hope Grand Vacations will step up. Anyone can have a dumb employee, but there were lots of them on this trip. Why didn't anyone stop this guy? Fireworks are never legal there, and there was a total fire ban. Aaargh.
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The woman in the Hayman fire got 6 years of Fed jail time, the state trial judge tried to give her 15 years. This guy is a Fed case. Feds have long memories, and will know about every penny he earns until the fine is paid (Fed judge in Haymen case thought original $14 million fine was excessive). Fines and restitution orders survive bankruptcy. My bet is this will prove to be a frowned on activity, and they will seek to send an unambiguous message for all to contemplate for the future. Moral: don't fuck with the
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