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Just got off the river this weekend and figured others may be interested in some info:

  • Knowles Canyon is no longer a split A/B camp (i.e. no longer a shared site)
    • The old Knowles Canyon is now Knowles 1 (although not labeled like this - I spoke with the BLM Rangers and they are going to fix this to avoid campsite confusion). Right now the sign says "Knowles Cyn" instead of "Knowles 1"
  • Knowles 2 exists (reopened) but you need to stay pretty far river left to get in because there's a sand/gravel bar close to the entrance to it. It's also not 0.1 miles down from Knowles 1, more like 0.3 - 0.5 miles downstream.
  • The Blackrocks sites are pretty different due to the high water this year, as you might imagine. Just a heads up that your previously favorite site will have new or lost features. For example, Black Rocks 2 is now home to its very own (and quite large) downed tree.
  • There's a new site on the island between Knowles Canyon and McDonald Creek Canyon (called something like Island Camp). Didn't stop in but it looked OK.
The rangers we talked with also confirmed the permit system for next year. I think it'll be nice to be able to relax on the way to your designated site, put on the river at your leisure, etc. They're opening some additional camps too, as part of the permitting system.

The weekday self-issued permit could be problematic, since there's nothing preventing someone from issuing himself the same site as another person, but it's likely better than the current system (i.e. when you plunk down $50 for a site, you're probably going to float to the right one to avoid paying a fine as well as the site fee)

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