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I seem to sing the praises of the Slave river every year, but this time I'm trying a different strategy. Rather than just saying the river is awesome, I'm dealing with one feature at a time. Here is a video of my new favorite wave, Rockem Sockem:

Rockem Sockem Spotlight on Vimeo

It comes in late in the fall at ultra low water (90,000 cfs maximum), and until this last summer, I always went back to Colorado before it came in. It's sick.

And of course, I mention the Penalty Box in the video, so here is a video of people getting trashed in slow motion in the penalty box. There is a little overlap between the two videos.

5 Minutes in the Penalty Box on Vimeo

And in case you're interested in the river, here is a map that lists all the rapids:

If you're ever thinking of making a trip to the Slave, Natalie and I would be glad to answer any questions you might have.
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