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Roaring Fork fishing?

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I live in Carbondale and am without a boat. I'm looking to meet up with anyone psyched to float and fish in the area.

I have paddling and fishing experience. I can obviously help shuttle as well. Best of all, I can get out weekdays. Let's hit the drakes! Send me an email if you want to get out!


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I can row. Have experience on the Main Salmon and Deso/Grey. Not claiming to be an expert, but definitely feel confident on the fork. Good question.
Pinemnky, can you vouch for finkadelic? I'm gonna need character references before letting him on my boat. He did use the word "psyched".
Have boat and no one to float with if you want to drive east and hit some upper blue before if goes down or some lower blue. Message me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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