10.5' RMR Storm Self Bailing Raft

Raft has primarily been stored inside and 303d regularly. It's white which is great for decreasing glare on the river. The downside is that it gets dirtier more easily, I guess.

Purchased new in 2021 from Sunshine Sports in Billings, Montana.

Includes frame, frame seats, oar towers, oar locks, cam straps, tubular webbing chicken line, thwarts, repair kit, storage bag, and raft cover.

Oars also included. Recently refinished. Tips are sealed with graphite/epoxy tips.

I've had a lot of fun with this boat and done a number of overnights, removed the frame for R-4 paddling on the Lochsa, and runs through the Alberton Gorge. It shuttles easily and can fit in the back of a truck, on top of a Subaru or on a trailer too.

PM if you're interested