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Bummer to see no one replying to this thread.

I don't have any pics of it with me currently but I have a phat cat and use it for gear hauling!

I built a table that fits across the back tubes that has lash points around the perimeter. It attaches to the rear D-Rings and then you can pile it up.

I use a very simple NRS frame with a rowers seat and then a couple of different set ups for the front.

If it is a relatively calm river like the Smith in MT I have another deck for the front that has two seats bolted to it with a nice area between them for day bags etc.

While I haven't had the opportunity to run it on something like the Middle Fork I have no doubt that it could easily work. I have always run it in conjunction with other boats so I have never had to haul a cooler or propane etc but I most certainly can be a great gear boat with those massive tubes!

Edit to add a pic of the rear gear deck that is also a table:

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