Brand new/ never used 3 bay frame. I bought this frame as “place holder” because I thought my custom fishing frame wouldn’t be done before the end of the summer. Now my custom frame is done and I don’t need this one any more. I never ended up using it.

Cross bars are adjustable and poly deck is removable. Made out of 1.25 in anodized aluminum (can fit NRS components). The only obvious problem with the frame were the oar towers, but I solved that problem with upgraded 8in NRS towers. It is very light; less than 30 lbs without the poly, so it is very packable.

With shipping and taxes, the whole set up cost $877 (I have receipts). I’ll eat the shipping and tax cost (over $100 savings) and it’s already assembled.
Fits Mini Max, Mini Max 12, AIRE Cub, PUMA, Star High Five, and AIRE Sabbertooth