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Yeah, Yeah!!!! To the crew who did Eleven Mile Canyon on 08/24/2008. Here it is, FINALLY!!! Sorry guys, it took so long to post!! The video is pretty LONG (15 minutes) so no hard feelings if you don't watch the whole thing!! SOME GOOD OLD FUN WITH SOME GOOD OLD FRONT RANGE BOATER'S!!!!! I enjoyed myself guys!!
I hope you all enjoy this!!

LINK to VIDEO: RMH @ Eleven Mile Canyon 08_24_2008 on Vimeo

<br /><a href="RMH @ Eleven Mile Canyon 08_24_2008 on Vimeo @ Eleven Mile Canyon 08_24_2008</a> from <a href="islandertek on Vimeo> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.[color=olive][/color][color=olive][/color]
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