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Rivers with early season 2015 guide work?

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The season here in East Tennessee is coming to a close after Labor Day. I'm headed up to West By God for Gauley season and volunteering with AW for Gauley Fest. After that I'm taking some time off the water back in New Orleans (read: making money so I can afford to be a rookie raft guide). I'm looking to get more experience on other rivers in the off-season before I return to my home river.

Does anyone have any info on outfits in North America that are running commercially with early season (Feb-May) work? It's a pretty big plus if it's accessible by motorcycle in that time (ie. not much snow)

I'm a first year guide here in East Tennessee. I've been lucky to find a small, very professional company here and I'm looking for more of the same. I have my First Aid/CPR, and ACA Advanced Swiftwater Rescue certs. I'll be looking into getting WFR cert and CDL in the off-season but, who is to say on those fronts.

My rather long google search has only turned up the Salt in AZ, which I'm not sure ran this year and The Hood in OR. Asking around town has only gotten me the Ocoee with not much hope of actual work, so I thought I would cast a wider net and ask the good boaters of the Internet, any ideas?
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You can head down to Terlingua and work on the Rio Grande through Big Bend. Its not a whitewater destination but it keeps you on the water...
May I recommend the Deerfield River in MA. Specifically the outfitter CrabApple. We start trips in April and work through October with full time work (7 days/wk) June July and August. Awesome family owned business who will help you perfect your guiding. The Owners have been rafting since the early 80's so they know a thing or two!
Not Oregon

The Hood and anything in Oregon and Washington, while running all year long, won't have enough commercial traffic to keep you employed. There are a few trips here and there but trips will most likely go to guides that have been with a company for more than a few years.
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