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I am the administrator for the RiverGuide for Kayakers iPhone application and I have 10 promotional coupons to distribute. This will allow you to download the app for free from the iTunes store. Once you have the app all future updates are free. I only have 10 coupons and they will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. If your interested, send an email to [email protected] with the following in the email subject:

MountainBuzz RiverGuide Promotional Coupon Request

These promotional coupons will only be valid for about 1 week.

There are currently thousands of kayakers using RiverGuide and over 6 months has maintained a 4.5 star out of 5 rating, and it has been an Apple Staff Favorite on the iTunes App Store.

RiverGuide web site:

RiverGuide is the essential tool for the kayaker on the go. With access to 11,000 real time streamflow gauges throughout the US, you'll never be wondering what's running in your area and what's not. With a few taps of your fingers, you will know the cubic feet per second (cfs) your favorite river is running, the relative level high, med or low and when the information was last recorded. Arriving at the put-in to find the river to low to run should be a thing of the past.


US River coverage of over 11,000 river gauges.

Indexed River Lists - River lists are indexed for even faster access. Just tap the letter the river begins with and the list will zoom to that section.

Favorite Rivers feature - This allows you to create a custom river list . Including the ability add, delete and shuffle the order of rivers in your list at will. The Favorite Rivers feature will also retain the last accessed gauge readings incase you lose your Wi-Fi or cellular signal as you approach the put-in.

Next Update available this month: (free to existing app owners)
Searchable River Flows

Local Rivers: This feature uses the GPS, WI-FI, or cell signal, to present the user with a list of rivers with a user specified distance of their current location. Works best on iPhone 3G.

RiverGuide in the News Links:
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