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Does anyone know anything about the "River Rider" brand of rafts? I recently acquired from a friend a 14' River Rider bucket boat, apparently from the 70's or early 80's. It's a tan/brown color on top, 2 same color thwarts, and black bottom. It's in decent condition, and perfect for mellow class II floats with family and kids.

Does anyone have any info on this boat? I need to patch a few small holes, and I'm not sure what material it's made of. My buddy claims it's Hypalon, but I can't tell.

Anyone have advice or info?

Help appreciated. Thanks! :)

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They're tough boats, and definitely hypalon, 840 denier fabric I believe.
When you patch, thin your glue with toluol/tolulene and use as light a fabric as you can find (unless you're patching floor). I usually apply 3 coats, let each dry tack-free, and apply patch with a roller and heat gun (hair dryer works just as well, use the 750W setting in either case - most heat guns and hair dryers have two, one 700 or 750, the other 1500, which is overkill). Remember all boat glue is essentially "contact cement" in terms of application: when you lay the patch down, make sure it's exactly where you want it. (You can align it by drawing lines over the patch and boat when you first cut the patch to size, BEFORE you put any glue on either.)
Good luck with yr RR - should serve you well if you keep it out of the sun when not in use!

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WOW that takes me back. I had a 15 foot river rider and yes it was made by Riken and was hypalon. Basically, it was a long nose 14 footer. It was a great boat! What the previous posted said about patching is right on. Have fun with it.

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I believe that the boat was probably made by a company called Campways. In the early to mid 80's Campways way purchased by Riken. I owned rafts made by both company's. Sold the Campways in the 80's.
For some unknown reason I still have the tan patch material. About 1ft by 3ft. PM me.

Also found this posting on another site posted in 2000
-----Original Message-----
From: [email protected] [mailto:eek:[email protected]]On
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Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2000 12:50 PM
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Subject: Anybody heard of a campways raft?

A friend of mine can get a Campways River Rider 13' raft and was
wondering if it was a decent boat. Has anyone ever heard of one, and are
they any good or problematic? What should it be worth in good shape with
the oar frame?


Campways rafts are the predecessor to Riken rafts, both made by
Okomoto (who also makes condoms) in Japan.

they are fine rafts when in good condition. The material,
particularly the red rub strip tends to deteriorate and become a bit

Campways rafts have an interesting history, most were designed by
Valdamir (?) who owned Wilderness World Rafting (WEWO), an early GC
rafting company, which became Canyon Explorations a number of years

I met Vadamir at Elves Chasm a number of years ago, where he was
running his latest boat creation, a yellow cataraft made with that
same SOTAR plastic stuff ("very easy to weld" he told me). He had
named the the cataraft "Chiquetta Banana" -" a lot'ta banana, no
Chiquettas" he noted with a laugh.

The current Riken Miwok and Havasu, as well as a number of Riken
craft are essentially Campways.

I own a 11 foot Paiute - lot's of miles, and still fun.

ricard o"
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