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River Groups Submit LTEMP Comments

Working cooperatively with Grand Canyon River Guides, Grand Canyon River Outfitters, Grand Canyon River Runners, and American Whitewater, GCPBA participated in the preparation of a joint submission for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) regarding the Glen Canyon Dam Long Term Experimental Management Plan (LTEMP).

These five groups are intimately involved in recreational activity in the river corridor of the Grand Canyon, and have common interests with respect to Grand Canyon river management. Their members are directly impacted by operations of the Glen Canyon Dam, as it regulates the volume of water in the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. The joint LTEMP submission represents those common interests, and offers a set of core considerations for those drafting the EIS.

GCPBA appreciates the effort put into this project by representatives of the other groups involved. Coordinated activity of this type shows how members of the GC river community can work together to advocate and achieve common goals.

A copy of the joint submission has been placed in the Files section GCPBA's Yahoo Group. Scroll down the following page to find it (a little past halfway).

Please feel free to take a look at it and use it as a reference for your individual comments at the following web site

Rich Phillips for

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