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Does anyone know what's up with the AWA site? Maybe it's just temporarily down. I'm a new member who's on a mission to clean up the Laramie river along our fairly new greenbelt and heard that there was assistance available for local paddle clubs to help get er done.

I walk our greenbelt every morning and often wonder what the feasibility of a whitewater park, or at least a few features or drops would be. I have an additional interest in this because I am also a board member of our Chamber of Commerce. We've all been given the task of coming up with ways to increase tourism and revenue for the county. (And if I can enhance my personal play time at the same time, cool).

I'm the only water nut on the board, and when I talk about this everyone thinks I'm crazy. I use the enhanced fishing habitat as an argument as well. How do I go about getting a professional to conduct a feasibility study, or at least just come look at our river and tell me yes, its possible, or no way you crazy broad!

I'll be in Silverthorne tomorrow and am wondering if any experts will be be available to talk to.

If anyone can help, my direct line at work is 307-721-1115 or my cell phone is 307-399-5333. PMs would work as well.

Thank you very much,
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