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Rio Chama permit available for next week

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I have left a message for Mark Sundlin at the BLM Taos office to let him know that my permit for next Wednesday, Aug. 13, will not be used. We had too many people drop out of the trip to make it work.

For the past five weeks or so, the release pattern has been 300 cfs during the week and 600 cfs for the weekend. Those levels were adequate for our canoes and an IK last year, and even one moderately loaded 14' raft with one person in it, which got hung up during the lower flows only a few times.
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We had a thurs launch 2 weeks ago w a bunch of small rafts under 12', IKs, & kayaks. 300 was plenty to get down to the hot springs w some minor easy hang ups. Weekend water was nice too. 1st time on the Chama, WOW! Awesome trip and I look forward to going again. If you come expecting low water technical class II, flat water and amazing camping and scenery, you'll be glad you did!

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Second that, although I would rather that not too many boaters discover that!
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