14' Riken Dodger XL Whitewater Professional Raft. Photos are of raft not completely topped off. Rubber is in good shape w/ some tlc needed (1 handle, the pressure value in the floor is loose and needs attention).

This self bailing boat has 3 thwarts, 12 D Rings, 3/4 Handles and was used commercially for 7 years before I bought it 20 years ago (I'm placing it around 1995). I used it privately 10 to 30 times over the next 5 years. Then used twice since then. Last time it saw the Poudre River was in 2015 and the raft performed great.

Accessories included: Electric pump that attaches to car battery, Duel Action Pump for topping off the boat, Emergency pump that needs an adaptor, Helmets, Guide Paddle and Passenger Paddles.