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Hello everyone, I am sending these links to a video we made to help people become aware of a very scary situation in Colorado. I have included everyone on my email list and would like you to pleasecopy this and send it to everyone on your email list. The more people aware of this situation the better. Even if you are not a boater, access to rivers should still be important to you. This is not a joke or a chain email that is going to make you wealthy, on the contrary, if everyone who receives this video would send a tax deductible donation, even if only $5.00 to:

American Whitewater
Finance Director
P.O. Box 1540
Cullowhee, NC 28723
Or you can donate on the American Whitewater website:

Make sure you put in a note saying you would like this to go to the Colorado River Access fund. This will make sure that every penny goes to fight those who wish to take away our Right to Float in Colorado. If everyone would do this, by spring we will have what we need to win this battle once and for all!!!
I would very much like to thank those who donated to make this video possible, next time you are in the Gunnison Country, stop by and tell them thanks:

Sean and Kevin of the Last Steep Bar and Grill

Lori and Kevin of The Gunnison Brewery

Joel from The Talk of the Town

Randy and Andy of Berfield’s Stage Stop

Kay and Heli May from Donita’s Cantina

Nathan Fey of American Whitewater

John Grace, videographer and editor

Please pass this info on, Thank you,

Jack Barker
Gunnison, Colorado
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