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rideshare needed Confluence/Corn Creek to Civilization

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I've got one member of my crew who will be unable to "turn the corner" on our middle/main combo. So instead of adding 150 tons of carbon to the atmosphere I figured I'd ask if there was anyone on the buzz who could help.

Looking for someone taking off the Middle Fork of the Salmon either afternoon 7/25 or during the day 7/26 who has room in their vehicle for one extra passenger and very minimal gear (maybe tent, pillow, sleeping bag).

He's cool, non smoking, decent guy. Willing to travel to Boise, Spokane, or Missoula so he can catch a flight to Portland. Shit maybe even denver etc. His final destination is PDX so anyone going to Oregon would be a plus. He'll contribute towards your gas, your shuttle costs, and your drinking needs. Gotta be cheaper than all that gas and shuttle costs for one person.

Please PM me if you are taking off (or have someone dropping people off for the Main) on one of these days and have some space available in your rig. We have a decent pressurized/propane camp shower so we can make sure he doesn't smell like a gorilla at the takeout.


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