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I've got a good friend who I'd like to try and find a ride for today from anywhere near Empire / Loveland / whateva - to Vail or Avon.

We'll be in the woods most of the morning and early afternoon, so we're talking about a mid to late afternoon / early evening run. We'd be happy to compensate you in any medium of scum-bag currency that you'd like. Beer, gas $$, flip flops :), and of course since he's from So-Cal - any means sexual realtions is acceptable as well. (double-a-ron tells me they're all little sex pots out there)

Please call me at 503/956-8988 or email at [email protected] if you can help out. It's for today, Monday the 18th only.

And yes, he's a boater and so am I, so this is going in the boaters forum. Not planning a trip. Not talking politics. Not about going skiing. Not about riding dirtbikes. Not about the site. Not about gear. Not about mountaineering. Not about a job. Not about the ladies - though he's DEFINITELY a ladies man. Not about the WW park. Not lost yet. Not about a job. Not about safety - though he's a huge advocate for safety (in the backcountry as well) Not about riding the sleds - though we are :twisted:

Thanks in advance to anyone who calls or emails to offer up some help.

Happy Jah-nnukah!!! :shock:

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