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Here are the results for the Lyons River Roar. I want to thank all those who attended, helped and competed. We had some great competitors in the Rodeo even though we had low water to deal with. Team BoaterCross was a lung burner. I still feel like I have Emphesyma, but it was a blast. I hope you all had as much fun as we did. I want to thank all the judges who helped, scribed and calculated. I am embarrassed to say I do not know the first judge and the girl with the red hair names, but thank you. Thanks to Brook, Mike Paras and Kate Downey for their help. See you all next year. Thanks to Kelty, Wildwasser/Prijon, BOC, Salamander, Blue Sky Mortgage, and Riot for your donations.

One other thing. I am missing Bib #1 from Matt Fronapfel. Please return ASAP or we have to pay for it which reduces the money we can provide to the Colorado Cup and to cleaning up the river. My address is PO Box 1667, Lyons, CO 80540

Lyons River Roar 2004 results

Mens Pro Rodeo
1 Adne Spinosmith
2 Dan Rubado
3 Javid Grubbs
4 Yonton Mehler
5 Jed Selby
6 Brooke " Drank too much the night before" Aitken
7 Chad Crabtree
8 Gary Mullens

Womens Pro Rodeo
1 Katie "Tie breaker Queen" Selby
2 Devon Barker
3 Tracy Brabant
4 Tracy Sage
4 Brooke Bevan

Mens Expert Rodeo
1 Taylor Beavers
2 David Stentiford
3 Keith Yells
4 Brian Horan
5 Matt " Prelim King" D.
6 Mike "C-1 Banjo Player" Crenshaw
7 Jarrod "Starsky and Hutch" Hobson
8 Mike Paras
9 Mike Giamellaro
10 Phil Fuller
10 Bryan Dorr
11 Eric Holwell
12 Matt Cahn

Womens Expert
1 Monica Giamellaro
2 Stephanie McGuire

Mens Sport Rodeo
1 Matthew "FuManChu" Ryan
2 Matt "wheres the bib?" Fronapfel
3 James "Beat my bros butt" Cassinova
4 Adam "Lost to my bros butt" Cassinova

Team BoaterCross
1 Team Wavesport
2 Pimp Daddy Dr. Dray and his Ladies
3 Shipley and the Blondies
4 Men in Skirts
5 Lesbians in a Man's Body
6 Lacy Losers

DownRiver Time
1 Scott "Skirtless" Shipley 18:48
2 Gary "Lost to his employee" Lacy 19:41
3 Hella Shipley 21:17
4 Mike Giamellaro 26:55
5 Mason Lacy 26:57
6 Philip Wegener 26:59
7 Spencer Lacy 27:47
8 Steve Sell 28:20
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