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Rendezvous is Now on MountainBuzz!

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Rendezvous River Sports is now a contributing member of The mountainbuzz community. We are located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and have maintained a reputation as the go-to spot for river information in northwestern Wyoming. If you are planning a trip up here, or just want to talk rivers hit us up!
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Nice! I bought my first guide stick (a regular sized Carlisle) from Rendezvous as a second year guide in 2000! I guided with that stick for 10 years! I still have (& love) that paddle... Though truth be told I guide with a sexy Werner now. ;) Is the big beautiful Newfoundland still around? Tank? Probably not... that was a long time ago...
That is great. Learned to Kayak from Rendezvous and bought my first Kayak from them. Great group up there. Welcome
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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