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Recreational River Rafting/Catarafting/Pontoon Course - Sept 13/14 2014 - BC Canada

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I want to note - I am NOT affiliated, nor do I reap any reward or financial benefit from posting this - I just want to participate in this course and see it come to fruition if possible but we need a certain number of people to sign up so it can go forward:

Kumsheen Rafting out of Lytton BC (Canada) where they primarily raft the Thompson River, is putting on a "Pontoon Course" aimed at beginner to advanced river rafters/catarafters/driftboaters/pontoon boaters - anglers and recreational river runners basically. It is a comprehensive 2 day course scheduled for Sept 13 & 14th 2014 that will take place on the Thompson River based out of Lytton BC, around 3 hours north of the border Canada/US Border near Vancouver BC.

Kumsheen is arguably one of the best rafting outfits in BC where they have provided commercial rafting trips on the Thompson & Fraser Rivers since 1973, and the course will be taught by two professional very experienced guide trainers where you row one of their rafts down the Thompson with a rafting guide beside coaching you on day one, and then day two I believe we are supposed to get J-rigged through some of the more gnarly class 4-5 rapids and then we get to use our craft in the Thompson Gorge with rescue kayakers I believe (this is the tentative schedule that has been suggested to me). There will be class room sections/lectures/theory as well.

For those who do not know the Thompson, it is one of BC's hottest rafting destinations and has a wicked gorge with many big water Class 3 to 5 rapids.
Typical seasonal flows range from around nearly 100,000 CFS or more in June during Spring run off to as low as around 10,000 CFS during winter low water conditions. The Thompson is the Fraser Rivers largest tributary.

I have never stayed at the resort but part of the course fee covers camping at the resort (and you can get half off any of their other accommodations like teepees or cabins) and I"m told it's top notch - you can see pictures/get more info on their website. For those of you looking to learn a new river and see a spectacular place where you don't need a permit to raft, this is it! There is also good rainbow trout fishing on the river as well for the most part!

For more info - check out this link: Pontoon River Course | KUMSHEEN | Raft. Relax. Recharge.
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