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Recommendations for bottoms to go with dry tops

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I'm wondering what people wear and recommend for the lower half of your body to go with a dry top when you haven't yet budgeted to purchase a full drysuit, but there's still a non-negligable chance you'll be going for a cold swim. I just started running Clear Creek (class IV sections) this year and, while I haven't swum there yet, my standard "poly thermals under swim shorts" (or just swim shorts) feels inadequate especially if I'm running similar whitewater in cooler weather next spring.

"Dry" pants?
Neoprene/hydroskin pants?
Farmer john?
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I'm sure I'll get shit but I used waist high waders with good results. Good enough for lochsa swimming, good enough for me. Hike em up high and use the belt, seal the dry top around that. I have a kokatat rouge top.
Shorts or ski type capri base layer. You can wear heavier stuff if you want like neoprene or heavy fleece baselayers, but I've never needed it for the majority of my Colorado boating.
never been cold swimming in my wetsuit long johns under a dry top. Doesn't keep you 100% dry, but for spring boating keeps you warm while in the cold water
Try Kokatat bibs - they mate well with a drytop, can be found used for $100ish for non goretex version. With a drytop they make a decent poor man's drysuit.
I second the kokatat bibs. Didn't have the money for a full drysuit but have swam around in them and can testify that they stay dry. You cannot beat the gmer drysuit but if you are like me then the bibs are a reasonable choice.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check out the kokatat bibs. What are "wetsuit long johns" mattoak?
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check out the kokatat bibs. What are "wetsuit long johns" mattoak?
Farmer John... is the logical assumption..
That's what I meant

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The Kokatat bibs are $550, combine that with a good drytop and you just spent as much as you would on a drysuit. My recommendation is these, much less expensive: Kokatat Swift Dry Pants
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