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Dear Buster,
I would like to start by explaining to you what you might have seen to make you(your friends?) think I called you a [email protected]$king [email protected]$$ot. Dustin Urban, Brooks Baldwin, Corey Volt, Ben Guska, and I were all there filming with a new technique we had never used before. Dustin, Ben and I were all paddling when these two guys showed up on the bridge that overlooks the wave. They stood there for about 20min watching us and taking digital pictures. One guy went to get his video camera and when he returned he began filming every ride. This would be like me going to the DC SHOES ramp out in the desert and filming Danny Way and his homies at their home spot. The only and I repeat only time that a paddler(myself) in the water had contact with the onlookers was when I signaled them not to film as we already had three cameras going at the time.

All of my friends that were there, who are all trustworthy people will say that there was no yelling and name calling or anything of the sort. We also had cameras rolling this whole entire time and I have watched the tape over and over now and I was NEVER yelling. I also would have been yelling really really loud which you know if you have been to the wave because of the massive noise it creates.To further my point after we got out of the water we all went up and talked to these two guys and reintroduced ourselves. You would think if someone you hardly knew had just called you a [email protected] and then they walk up and introduce themselves there had been a misunderstanding. Instead of asking me if I was angry at them or if I called them names, they acted friendly and then went on about their paddling. I think we even offered to hold their camera while they were both in the water. I do apologize for asking you guys not to video but enough is enough and some People just don't understand when they are intruding. If one of them would have been on the water it would have been a whole different story.

It is insane that these two paddlers could be so jealous as to say I called them names when in truth we were just asking them not to film us. We never said they couldn't set their camera up on a tripod while they were paddling and record for days and show the whole world. Enough people know about the wave that it is not in my wildest to call them sexually degrading names because they weren't paddling. Jealousy really comes into this picture when all of the sponsor names are brought up by the author and posters. I was in fact just trying to protect our footage and the companies that represent that footage by making it unique. When our boys from durango go home and show the footy of our camera system to their bros it all of the sudden becomes well known.
"Some friends of mine were recently at the M wave checking it out when they saw these guys doing some awesome tricks and took a digital picture at which point an prominent member of team Dagger" Why would you post a message for you friends about their encounter. This shows that the message is in fact through a second party and has almost no relevance.
Once again I apologize for trying to stop you guys from filming us but this is no reason to get on a widely seen board and claim a high profile athlete was calling you sexually degrading names. I have the hard cold proof in my video camera( that was rolling the whole time) that I in fact didn't call these people names and this is purely a personal attack that should have been solved differently.
I don't think people realize how important kayaking is to me and they see it as a way to be famous or well known. Kayaking is my life and for someone to blatantly lie about something that didn't happen for the sole reason of giving me a bad name is malicious. I have witnesses and video proof that this incident was a misunderstanding and the people involved went about solving it in completely the wrong way. I am currently having this message tracked so I can get to the bottom of this once and for all. Buster, it would be good for you to show your face. The message posted was an attack on my personal rights and let it be known there will be legal follow up on this case. If you feel you want to contact me before I find you, my phone number is 970 209 8881.
Sorry for any trouble this misunderstanding caused!
Alex Hotze
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