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Rattlesnake at Whiteline putin (Poudre)

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There was a small rattlesnake peacefully sunning itself on the "path" to the river at the base of Whiteline yesterday. We didn't bother it, an it didn't bother us. It sunning in a rather cryptic location, just below a rock.

It might be prudent to look a little more carefully then usual for the next couple weeks.
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There was a rattler as thick around as a baseball bat hanging off the rocks river left of the eddy above thunder alley (Claire's rock etc.). This was last Thursday....kind of awesome. Anybody know if they swim?
I've had a friend flip one in the river with his paddle and my boat looked like a good piece of dry land. I had to paddle like hell to get away from it. They are all over out there from at least the narrows down. Big ones and little ones.
I saw two on Hewlett Gulch this weekend after not seeing any at all this year. Also, a friend reported seeing one in an eddy on Poudre Park or Bridges and it did swim to shore so apparently they can swim - yikes :(
I think all snakes can swim...? I moved one off the road right below picnic rock (filter plant take out) the other night on my drive out. Was a small one though.

Jen - did you guys skip the ark this past weekend?
Jen - did you guys skip the ark this past weekend?
Yeah, we lost motivation after recalling the horrible traffic on 285 the weekend before :p
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