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Rapid Fire

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Many of you have seen SUP, both on flat water and whitewater in Colorado. There are more and more people getting into this style of paddling. Many of us have been using relatively narrow boards, 30" and less, and boards with thinner sidewalls, 4" or less. They are quick and nimble but are effected by river currents if your edge control is not precise. Long story short, there are some new options coming out. I was a little skepticle on the Imagine Rapid Fire at first. Now that I have paddled it, and watched 2 friends paddle Westwater on Tuesday, standing the whole time, I am more of a belieiver. Here are a few new blog updates for those that are more interested.

The Imagine Eco Surf Boards Rapid Fire Trip Report from The Salmon River By Mike Harvey | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog

The Imagine SUP Rapid Fire SUP Review | Colorado Kayak Supply Blog
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