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Renaissance Adventure Guides is Hosting ACA Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Course and ACA Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Certifications

Course # K305 – ACA Swiftwater Rescue Two-Day Clinic
Instructor: Ty Tuff
Dates: Sat, June 28 and Sun, June 29, 2008
Cost: $249.00
Beta: Learn river rescue skills during two full days on the river (includes the same first two days as the Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Course – see below). You will learn effective skills for whitewater rescue, including self-rescue techniques, rope handling skills, and approaches for dealing with boat pinning and entrapment. Special attention is given to teaching simple, effective skills that make good use of the limited gear that whitewater paddlers can carry.

Course # K405 – ACA Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Certification
Instructor: Ty Tuff
Dates: Sat, June 28 through Tue, July 1, 2008
Cost: $425.00
Beta: In this course, you will learn and have the chance to become certified as a Swiftwater Rescue Instructor. You will be taught on Class II+ and Class III rapids. Course objectives include reinforcement of basic rescue skills including swimming / self-rescue, throw ropes and boat based rescue. You will also practice skills during multiple scenarios and refine critical judgment through several circumstances. Kayakers should have at least 2-3 years of experience, have solid Class III boating skills and have attended a Swiftwater Rescue Course.

Call to sign up! Mtn. Buzz Peeps Receive 10% Off!

(303) 988-2943
Renaissance Adventure Guides
2109 S. Wadsworth, Blvd
Lakewood, CO 80227
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