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Rafting in Scotland

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Hi all,

Just wondered if there are any members on this forum who raft in Scotland?

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I have rafted there many years back on the river Tay coming out of Loch Tay. Seemed like easy cl 3. I think by now there are many more trips happening if you google the subject.
There are many paying groups operating now in Scotland. I was looking for others with there own Rafts
I used to work for Splash Whitewater Rafting in Aberfeldy, Scotland. We ran the Tay, Tummel, Ochy and Awe Rivers. That was a long time ago... 2001? It seems as though some of the folks I worked with are still around though, as the Scottish slalom paddlers I ran into at Lava Falls last month told me they talked to a Splash guide on the Tay the other day who remembered me! Also, I believe Stevie still own Free Spirit Rafting, also in Aberfeldy. I know they are outfitters... but lets be honest, guides are private boaters too, and if you approach an outfitter as a private boater, they don't treat you like a custie, (that's how I wound up working there!) and yes, they own boats, and yes, they know the runs... Well. Also, it seems as though mtn buzz user rosiejobfmv is a Perth paddler (she recently posted this thread.) I bet she could point you in some generally good directions. Also, the paddlers I met on the Grand are these folks, and while not rafters, are super nice slalom paddlers. Also, Kogg Calledonia is (was? couldn't fine an online presence for them...) the local paddling gear company and also really nice folks.
Basically though, my best advice is to hitch hike to Aberfeldy, get dropped off at the first rafting company you see, introduce yourself as a fellow boater, go out drinking with them... and before you know it, "Your one of the lads!" At least, that was my experience... the River world is pretty small, show up, be friendly, drink beer, go boating! ;)
ps. Here is a link to the Scottish Canoe Club too, just for good measure. :)
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Thanks very much for your advice.

I started searching for Kayak clubs last night to see what they had on there sites.

I know a lot of the rivers, just wondering if there are any other private rafters about to team up with.

Will follow up on your other ideas.


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