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Once again the creek has enough water to paddle rafts. We've seen oar rigs big and small, paddle rafts and duckies. Some stretches are easier than others, and some are quite difficult. A half decent crew should be fine from 6th street down. Put in above the play park for some hole punching action, and I know some folks have launched from 4 mile or higher, but it is real class four up there with rocks that your rubber may not appreciate.

Toni rocks the Aire 156E with ten foot oars from the canyon mouth to 30th or 38th.

the downstream side of 30th is the better take out, but you will need to carry the boat 75 + feet.

The trees get thicker below 30th, and I have yet to float below 38th this year, but it can be floated as far as 55th, I believe. way east of there with kayaks only and a few portages.

Anyway we've had the boat out a bunch and it really seems under used by rafts. Saturday we did a family mission to the farmers market for lunch.

The kayak play through town is pretty darn good, at least for a creek boater with a kid. Lots of good front surf spots, as well as easy spins and cartwheels for those with more skill than me. one or two spots that might give up a loop.

The class 4 up in the canyon is really fun and continuous.

Come check it out; it only happens a few times per decade.

Flows have settled down a bit, but I think its just from cooler days. There is a lot of snow left to melt.


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