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Had a chance to visit the Lee valley olympic center in London last week and here's a few thoughts and observations:
First, its a totally world class facility right from the moment you walk in till the moment you walk out. The admin staff is very polite and helpful, the gear they have for the customers is of much higher quality than you see here in the states, and the guides are unbelievably good in their guiding and safety procedures. The rafting course is the olympic slalom loop which is 3+/4-, and they do 4 loops, each with increasing levels of fun. The holes are quite big, and they do make you surf in them, including a lot of side surfing.

For someone who is a white water enthusiast this could well be the most fun day they will have in London. There is a kayaking also obviously,and boogie boarding and duckying but I had no time for this.

Try it out if you go out there, you won't regret it.
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