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Quick way to install and remove thwarts?

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I've got an Aire raft that I primarily row with out thwarts. What's the best way to install them for days that they are useful?

I'm assuming that they are laced in with the floor usually but honestly don't know.

Is there any harm in using carabiners to clip them into the floor lacing?

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If you have Aire thwarts they usually have straps and d rings that lace into the floor webbing. If you use carabiners make sure that they are locking as to avoid accidental clips to footwear and entrapment issues. I would recommend putting a few of the oval links (like for connecting chain) that you can get at the hardware store and put them where you will lace in the thwart to the floor to reduce wear on the floor lacing.
Here is Aire's video on installing them. I would send them a note or call them for ideas on making the process quicker.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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