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Where can I do demos? I live in Albuquerque New Mexico and often paddle the race course. I would like to try out some boats but dont know how to get my hands on them... Does anyone know if REI or Adobe White Water club do any demo days? Does REI or AWWC rent kayaks for the day?


and this leads me to my next question which I would love if people chimed in on... Which boat should I get? (If I dont get my hands on demos)

I currently paddle an old school Frankenstein. I paddle III+ IVish stuff. I like what my boat does but it cant boof and has a very unforgiving low volume build. (this leaves me underwater and at the mercy of the current. thank god I can roll) I really like to ferry, play, carve eddies and STAY DRY. I was looking in to the Remix, Stomper, mamba, Karma, Recon, and Zen. the remix is at the top of my list but I want to know how it will handle waterfalls. Does the Remix have place for gear or is the back pretty tight?

I guess I should also ask; Which boat would best handle upper cherry creek or the little white salmon?
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