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Question about the Gunny Gorge

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Is it possible to run the shuttle for the Gunnison Gorge without a 4 wheel drive vehicle?
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Ground clearance is probably more important than 4wd. I have taken my 98 Subaru Impreza down Chukar Road twice fully loaded. It bottomed out a couple times, but otherwise made it unscathed. I'm not sure I would attempt it in any vehicle during the middle of the monsoon though...
I know outfitters that go down it all the time in 2wd vans, but. The problem is decades of 4wd that have gone down it during monsoon, and the results are deep ruts. Deep.Ruts. I think they take a blade in periodically, but the improvement is very temporary. It's basically an ungraveled, mostly unmaintained road that makes its way over very fine grained silt bed deposits 100s of feet deep. Rain = mud. Lots.
Just did this run today for the 3rd time in the past 6years and I live only 8 miles away from the turn-off to the put-in. Does that tell you anything?? The last 3miles down are very tough, rough, ragged, and just plain awful. No, I would not even suggest going down in anything 2 wheel-drive, cause getting back up will be very problematic. The loose rocks alone are a huge hazard, then the ruts, along with steep grade, makes this a 4 wheel-drive run. And for the record, all the outfitters use 4 wheel-drive fans, even says so right on the side of van. Recommend finding an older jeep or older truck for bruising and beating.
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