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Hey all,
The Quakenbake is on for sure! Beaver Creek Campground(3 miles upstream of the rapids on the right hand side) A-loop is booked for camping paddlers and friends for Friday and Saturday night.
As many of you know, the dam at Hebgen is broke. From what we can figure out, there is about 3500 cfs or so tearing down the run. We have run it at this level in the past few days. It is running at spring time high flows... The S-Turn is hard, but manageable class V big-water. There were no keeper hydraulics(but a few hefty ones here and there) at this flow, but the water is extremely fast and rather pushy. A solid, workable Plan-B is mandatory for those racing the crux, as staying on line is problematic.
If you are unsure of your ability to hit a quick roll in the S-Turn, ya best leave her be.

We have decided to make the race a bit like the Big T race.

- From the lake to the eddy above S-Turn for the first group.

We will decide the day of the race whether there will be a final heat or simply a one-shot, winner-takes-all for this section. This section above the S-Turn is big water IV-IV+. Exciting and pushy without being out of hand at the current level. Keep the nose down stream with some mo' and everything goes pretty smooth...

The second group, if there is interest, will race the whole thing. We will require a warm-up lap for those entering this event, so that you know what to expect in there. This race will definitely be a one-shot deal. Best time wins.

We will likely start the first race (lake to eddy) at high noon. The full-course race will be the finale and the "best-line" through S-Turn will likely be tied to this race or scrapped.... We shall see.
If you are coming as a boater, please be prepared to help out with safety. This race will be at levels that are four times the typical flow for this time of year and looking out for one another is going to be extremely important.

The rest of the event (bbq, camping, party, etc.) is the same as before.
If you are coming from out of area, the Beartrap Canyon run is also at 3500 cfs or so and is a great play run at this flow. Henry's Fork (Sheep Falls and Mesa Falls) is also looking good to go for Sunday.
Those interested in watching the event and/or joining in the festivities are welcomed to do so. Remember, this event is about the paddling community getting together to raise some Cain as much as race some tough rapids. There is a great overlook for the crux drop and many, many other places with great views of the action, which will be there in spades...
Looking forward to seeing some of you out there. This will certainly be an interesting event.
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Boy it sounds good down there! I was just in a meeting with a well driller that tried to sink a casing into the outlet of the dam, on which they were going to drop a headgate and try to close it off. They couldn't get it down, it started shaking and lifting the drill rig! Pretty crazy stuff.

Are you going to have any rafters involved in this?
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