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Pumphouse to Rancho Del Rio or Yarmony Bridge

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I'm headed out to Gore this weekend and taking a friend new to the river. She wants to get some II and III and it looks like pumphouse to Rancho Del Rio or Yarmoney Bridge would be nice because I can get my goregasims one day and then enjoy a float the other. We've got quite a drive to get out there and it'd be awesome to be able to carpool. I've done pumphouse to radium, but haven't been lower. Is it hard to find a ride back to the put in? Is there a takeout below red gorge that would be best for finding a ride back up? Anyone else going to be running a similar section and want to help out on shuttle and drink some beers in return? :). I'm thinking we'll run it Saturday.
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I wouldn't call anything at this water level class III, imo. You'll have to pay a few bucks to take out at Rancho. If you go up to the road, or ask around at the parking area, it won't take too long for you to find a ride on the weekend. I think the section between Rancho and State bridge is more fun because there is less flat water, but maybe bit harder to work a shuttle. Sunday weather looks bad so there may be fewer folks to hitch from, but usually it is easy hitching on the weekends in that area.
Depending on which way your traveling, also consider two bridges to catamount, if I am remembering right. Check mileage and don't overcommit. The hitch can be tougher down below catamount where the road leaves the river for a spell.
yo man i live at rancho. gonna do some duckying tommorrow, just not sure if up or downstream. if you wanna join up i can help with shuttle.
My wife and I may be doing a similar trip on Sunday; pumphouse first and then maybe Gore if the timing works out. Let me know if you're getting out Sunday as well.
Are any of you planning on going this coming Saturday where ever the most fun is between Radium and State Bridge (Oct4) ?

Duckie Doug
whats up doug. i'll be around saturday. you still thinking about the lower blue??
No. The Blue is at 100. I wanted to do the Colorado. Interested ?
No. The Blue is at 100. I wanted to do the Colorado. Interested ?
Lower Blue is running 800...
the usgs says 100. Where do you get your info ?
i'll be up there all weekend. lower blue's awesome, colorado's still running strong. i'm up for anything.
gimme a call. my number at rancho is 97o-653-o132.
Yes there are still lots of runs doing really well for this time of year. I plan on calling several people by thursday to put something together this weekend. So far the Lower Blue and Shoshone combination looks like a winner for sure. Let's get a good-size group together. I'll update later on with confirmations on group size and times. Several IK's in our paddling group. Great weather for this weekend.
Sounds good. I am trying to get Bigben to go to the Colorado or Lower Blue. I want to go anywhere fun with some action. 303-809-8724

Duckie Doug
hell yeah fellas i'm down!!
i'm on the front range till tomorrow, then i'll be back home at rancho.
i'd prefer to ducky, but i've got a 16ft sterny we can use if need be.
gimme a shout, lets put something together.
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