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Pump house to Radium or Rancho

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At these flows, can anyone tell me roughly how long it takes to float between Pump house & Radium versus Pump house to Rancho Del Rio?

We're headed down tomorrow, and I believe a couple of weeks ago they were running 45 minutes between PH & Radium, and perhaps 2.5 hours to 4 hours from PH to Rancho (depending on wind).

This is my first time down in 8 years and first ever with my own boat. There are others joining us tomorrow who know the run, but I gotta decide if I am able to run to Rancho and still have time to get home to pick up the rug-rat at day camp in time.

Also, are portable toilet systems or a spare PFD required for day trips on this stretch? We will have spare paddle.

Thanks - DC
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