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Pueblo WWP at 4k+?

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Anybody have experience at these levels? Does it wash out at any point or do the features just get better?
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A couple wash out but some are fantastic at this level.
Watch out for the big hole river right in the bottom feature.
Well 7 and 8 both have sticky features at this level. I would avoid those. I find the best thing to do is park at the bottom and walk up so you can see everything and also at the end of a long session all you have to do is just walk the stairs to your car.

#1 is a blown out, #2 is sticky and not a good surf, #3 loses some of its smoothness, #4 and #6 are great at this level. #7 is choppy and sticky river left. #8 is as always unsurfable and really just a wave train to leave the park on river left - river right/middle is a trashing.

The park is great at this level the eddies are very strong and if you implode your skirt on #4 or swim you better have support of you may loose some gear.
Just out of curiosity...

Just out of curiosity, how is the Pueblo play park... generally speaking? What's the quality of the features like? I was born and raised in Pueblo but haven't been back for more than a long weekend in a while. It's pretty sweet they're trying to incorporate Pueblo into the river scene - just curious re: the finish and turnout of the park. (Also, I assume you can just walk back to the top on the bike path?)

The park has really had a lot of improvements in the last year. 3 of the holes are really nice. One is more of a wave. So I think four of the features have something to offer the playboater. Below 600 the park loses its luster. Mid to late summer the water gets manky and million people are using it as a kids beach but higher flows and early season it is great.

You can park right below 4th street bridge and walk back up after #7. If you go through #8 you can go up the stair case and get out at union bridge.

If you decide to head out to the park send me a p.m. and I will try and meet up if I am able.
ive always had lots of fun at pueblo .....
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