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I just received a Prijon Hercules and spent two days on the Green with it. The Hype is true, this kayak rocks! I weigh 205 lbs. and am 6'2". I have enjoyed paddling the Nomad 8.5 for the past two years, but wanted more speed and performance. I like the Jefe, but it is a bit small for me. I like the Rocker, but it is very small for me. The Hercules fits perfectly. It is fast, stable and comfortable. The speed allows for huge boofs reminiscent of old school creek boats. The hull carves into the smallest eddies with precision. The volume makes me feel very safe. The Prijon plastic combined with the planing hull allow this kayak to glide over obstacles. Simply stated: I love this kayak!

Jeff West
Ace Funyaks
Ocoee, TN
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