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Hi all, I'll be giving a PowerPoint presentation on Otis Marston and his book, From Powell To Power, in Tucson at 7:00 pm Friday March 13.

This free presentation is in the University of Arizona College of Public Health, Drachman Hall, Room A-112. The location is 1295 North Martin Ave. Parking is available on the south side of the building. The entrance is between the two buildings that make up the Hall, on the east side of the breezeway.

This presentation will be a 50 minute "behind the scenes" look at Otis "Dock" Marston's book From Powell to Power: A Recounting of the First One Hundred River Runners Through Grand Canyon.

Dock Marston thought his recounting would take six months to write in 1947 and soon realized what had been previously written was woefully incorrect and incomplete. Over the next thirty years, Dock amassed a huge collection of first-person accounts of these river runners, from James White on a log raft in 1867 to the first powerboat runs of 1949 through 1951.

The show includes historic film footage of Marston and other river runners. I will touch on who Dock Marston was, and look at some of the highlights of Marston's recounting of the First 100.

Hope to see you there, tom


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