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Well all you boat abusers water levels around the state are moving toward their winter flows and there's not enough snow to go use those future flows yet. So if you want to look at what's happening with water on the Poudre go check out this site. The Poudre Runs Through It

It is a cornucopia of information on the Poudre. Where it comes from, who gets the water, where they get, when they get it, and what they do with it. This is a group of interested parties from all the user groups: Ag, municipal, industrial, recreational, and environmental; who are getting together and looking at the whole big picture. They are learning what the needs of the various users are and looking at ways to use the water that won't negatively impact multiple users. It's a tall order but at least they are sitting down and talking about solving problems instead of calling each other names.

If you absorb all of the information that they have accumulated at this site you at least have a much better picture of water use on the Poudre, Colorado, and the western US.

Or you could just sit there and bitch about those damn......
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