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Poudre Peak?

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Has the Poudre Peaked for the season yet?:confused:
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I sure hope so.... it's already been HUDGE for a few weeks now. Hoping for cold nights and a looooooooong season on the Poudre.
agreed 6.1 and like 7 days above 5 is freaking crazy
Checked this morning and we are still at 25.8 Snow water equivalent. For reference, 24 constitutes a solid total for a good season which means we still have a season's worth of snow up there. Hopefully it does sustain rather than explode, but it has the potential to go either way.
It would be great if it sustained like this for a few weeks, 4 feet in july would be nice, so would 5 feet... But as for the peak, doubt we've seen the highest yet. Lots of snow/water up on top still and we haven't even seen a hot day yet... Yet to break 90 for the first time, I'm guessing in the next 10 days or so things could get interesting if it get hot. Would rock it if cools off a little.
Here's a link to the NOAA prediction center for the canyon mouth. This is a model, and its for the canyon mouth, so take it for what it's worth.

I think paul makes a great point that some super hot days, and/or a rain on snow event, could really get things roaring. for now, however, NOAA is predicting a gradual decline.

National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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