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Poudre below 2.3?

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2.5 ft is lowest I've paddled Poudre and its been a few years. How low can you still have fun on Mish to BTO or sections thereof?
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It's all about what you consider fun. People run it under 1', I don't really venture to the lower canyon below 4.
Depends on your skill level of course. Lower mishawaka is not too great below 3 feet, same goes for poudre park but it's a little better. Upper mish is good for the most part. Pine view is always tons of fun. Bridges is meh, definitely at a flow for those who want to break out of filter plant.

It's a lower flow, it won't be as wild as high flows. Nonetheless, upper m. to BTO is a great afternoon for those in the class 3-4 range. This is coming from someone who's only started to get into class 4's this summer. (I'm very comfortable with pineview at this flow, it's more like a 3+ or 4- right now)

It'll be rough below 2' though. Especially lower mish, it gets pretty shallow.
i would say the answer depends on 2 things: do you live in town, and how badly do you want to get on the water?

i wouldn't drive very far to boat the poudre at that level, except for the narrows. great level for those stretches. pineview/bridges is a pretty decent run at that flow. most of upper mish is alright. lower mish and some of poudre park are boat abuse.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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